Friday, October 20, 2006

What goes around, comes around. Well, almost.

The World Series starts tomorrow—Detroit verses St. Louis. The two teams have met a few times in the World Series, the last time in 1968, when I was a student at Bradley Creek Elementary School. At that time, I was a diehard Cardinal fan. At that time, just about everyone in the South was a Cardinal fans and their radio network covered Dixie. The Braves had just moved to Atlanta, but didn’t yet have much of a following. Ted Turner hadn’t made a fortune which would allow him to buy the best players in the National League. So we rooted for St. Louis. It was the days of nine volt transistor radios and a group of us would listen to the game as we rode Bus #6, a large snub-nosed vehicle, down Greenville Sound and Masonboro Loop Roads, getting off at our subdivision where we all ran to someone’s home and watched the final innings of the game. I cherish those memories even though we were all crushed when Detroit beat St. Louis in the 7th game. The World Series starts tomorrow. This time, due to geography, I’ll be a diehard Tiger fan.

Click here for more of my memories of 1968. We were also in a war back then!


  1. A great story! Well, I was sorry though to see the Mets blow it. I did not think Joe Torre deserved such a hard time from his boss. But he is back next year, has millions and I don't. So, I don't feel so bad for him anymore. Yeah baseball is great!!

  2. Well, then, go Tigers! Baseball hasn't been kind to us here in Milwaukee, but I'd probably cheer on the Tigers before I'd cheer on the Cards. Their fans are obnoxious. Enjoy the series.

    Michele sent me today. Have a great day!

  3. Interesting about the Braves. I remember reading an article recently about how, for states where there aren't a lot of baseball teams around, teams like the BRAVES are HUGE tourism draws.

    Since I'm a fan of the METS and of underdogs, I'll be rooting for the Tigers, too. Red Sox then White Sox then Tigers? OH MY!

    Michele sent me.

  4. How are Michael Jackson and the Detroit Tigers common?

    They both wair gloves for no apparent reason.

    Apparently that is the only baseball joke I know. I think I will try to get some reading in instead.

  5. Okay, so last night wasn't so great, but they've got time and they also lost the first game to the Yankees in the playoffs.

    Michael, sorry about the Mets... They had a great series with St. Louis

    Karen, thenks!

    Cari, thanks for stopping by regardless of the reason.

    Ed, Although I didn't want to, I had to laugh and certainly a couple years ago, there were no apparent reasons for them to have gloves or bats.

  6. A good story. I love baseball, but it doesn't get shown in England, only the World Series, which broadcasts in the dead of night.

    Michele sent me here.

  7. sage, oh dear. i was afraid of what happened last night because they were coming off a seven-game win streak and i think that was their longest win streak during the regular season.


  8. Sage, I think you're bringing them bad luck. Go back to reading. ;-)

  9. I think this will be an interesting series but I must say I think the Tigers should be able to win.

    Knowing my track record this postseason this surely means they'll be celebrating in the STL.

  10. Pulling for the Cards... :)

    but I don't think it's going to happen for them. :(