Saturday, October 28, 2006

Nearest Book Meme

The photo to the left is looking down toward Ashdown Gorge, a hike I wrote about in a previous post.

Since the wind is blowing too strong to rake leaves (if it keeps blowing in the same direction, it'll blow them all away) and since there is no need to get things done so that I'll be free to watch a world series game this evening, I thought I'd do this meme from Lauire (who has now changed her URL from the one you see in my sidebar right after I updated it!). Doing this meme is in keeping with my general principle of only doing meme's from southern women.

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 4 sentences on your blog along with these instructions.
5. Don’t you dare dig for that “cool” or “intellectual” book in your closet!

This is interesting. I hope this book doesn't have any bad sections... Let's see:

This process continued well into the twentieth century. The result was further withdrawl of the Indians into the rugged canyons and mesas, and a deep rooted distrust of all things European. The cycles of conquest were repeated throughout the New World. In the case of the northern Mexican tribs, such as the Tarahumara and Sere, Spanish colonialists saw themselves as civilized people dispensing civilization to barbarians and savages for the good of all.
Now isn't that just what you needed to know! This comes from Doug Peacock's, Walking It Off: A Veteran's Chronicle of War an Wilderness. I doubt that quote will make you want to go out and read the book, but maybe I'll ahve more quotes tomorrow in my weekly reading quote posts.


  1. Sage, Michele sent me. I love that photo. You live in such a great part of the country. I saw your post about the world's Fair and the Pieta. I hope your grandparents got to see it too.

  2. How fun! You did great. c",) You really only accept memes from Southern women? HA! And I was thinking of tagging you soon! :p

    Happy weekend, Sage! c",)

  3. What a great view! You have such great opportunities to enjoy nature!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the well wishes. You have a nice blog as well.

  5. Great picture, Sage. What a view.

    Michele sent me.

  6. Someday, you should expound on what you have against northern women and besides, northern women ask much more interesting questions than this kind of 'meme'...such as 'boxers or briefs?'.

    Now that I realized that last point, I'm no longer offended. You stick with your boring southern women. :-)

  7. Yeah, I don't know about that book, but it was well worth the visit for the picture. As a northeastern girl (ahem), I just don't get to see those kinda view very often.

  8. Kenju, I don't live there--I use to live near there, but I now live in Michigan.

    Irene, I was mainly joking about the meme from Southern Women (joking and using it to get a reaction from certain northern woman)

    Kontan, All parts of the world are special.

    Gabby Girl, your blog is beautiful, the way you have the Chinese painting as a backdrop and it's also interesting--telling about living in China (this is a plug for others to check it out)

    Captain, glad you like it

    Murf, in another month you'll be asking if someone is wearing two piece long johns or union suits.

    Anita, as a "northeastern girl", don't take it personally. It's not quite the same, but he canyons along the Genesee at Letchworth, just south of you, are nice especially in the Fall.

  9. That is a great view...and I love it when the wind carries my leaves to the woods without me having to assist by raking. Rare, but it does happen.

    Well unless I want the lines from my thesaurus, my Collector's Encylopedia for Fiesta, an Adobe Photoshop Elements manuel...then I do get to go to the bookshelf across the room and pull something out cool! Maybe I could shut my eyes...

  10. I can't believe I fell in your trap!

    Ooh...the kind with the butt flap that buttons down and come only in a shade of bright red? I LOVE those and almost bought one for myself when I found them in a store while visiting Tennessee a few years ago. I don't think guys wear those anymore, do they, Pa?

  11. The book sounds very interesting to me. What a great idea for a post/meme.

  12. this is killing me Sage, I have a pile of twelve books right next to me here lol. Comp is right next to the bookcase lol, which one do I pick . Argghhh the life of a blonde

  13. Well since the two closest books were the phonebook or the Machinery's Handbook, I'll post it here since it isn't terribly interesting.

    Resultant R is placed to the left or right of point of application O of the original force F depending on which position will give R the same direction of moment about O as the original couple M.

    To find the resultant of a system of coplanar parallel forces, proceed as indicated below.

    1) Select any convenient point O from which perpendicular distances d1, d2, d3, etc. to parallel forces F1, F2, F3, etc. can be specified or calculated.

    2. Find the algebraic sum of all the forces; this will give the magnitude of the resultant of the system.

  14. Letchworth is gorgeous, but if I ever have the opportunity to move West, I'm going. Not to the West coast mind you, but Rocky Mountain west. I'm skiing at Big Skye in December and am beside myself with anticipation.

  15. I tried this meme just now and the four sentences are as follows:

    She looked at me and grinned. "Yes, but we go where the Lord calls us, do we not?" "Yes, I suppose we do, I said looking sideways at her, wondering what Bernard had told her about me. We sat on a bench outside the main entrance to the Basilica di San Francesco for an hour, talking about Rwanda and how terrible conditions were across Africa.

    This comes from Chasing Francis by Ian Morgan Cron.