Saturday, November 05, 2005


I’m back home. A week in Central America without a single Imodium AD, I consider that a success, especially since I spent much time in villages where you can never be too sure of the food. There were two wasted days in a hotel in San Pedro Sula (considered the second most violent city in the Americas—behind Bogota), waiting to see where the storm was going to track. We got extra provisions such as peanut butter and crackers (which we left with the Hondurans) just in case we were trapped there by the storm. But it turned South, bad news for Nicaragua, but good for us. The doctors saw lots of patients and I spent time helping out along with exploring and playing with kids. I’ll post pictures later—along with some essays. Since I didn’t carry my laptop, only a journal, I will have to dig through my notes and write up some stories of my adventures in Honduras. For now, I’ll say that the highlight of the trip was going back to visit the village of San Jeromino (in Intibuca, high in the mountains, overlooking the valley of Otoro).


  1. You were lucky with the no Imodium AD!!! When I traveled, I stock up on that! ;) Your trip sounds very interesting, I look forward to reading more about it!

    Here via Michele's!

  2. WB! congrats on the no I-AD, that IS an accomplishment! i spent a week in Haiti a few years ago and made it home without incident or sickness. some of my trip mates can't say the same. phenegren was their friend!

  3. Man, you can live forever on P-Nut Butter. May not be the best for you, but, you can make it.

  4. What exactly is it that you do for a living that enables you to travel to places like this and helping doctors?

  5. Murf--Sorry, I don't talk about my job or my family here--this is mainly a place for me to write about things that I can't do elsewhere...

    AI-peanut butter does stick with you--i don't eat much of it at home, but when backpacking, it's a stable.

  6. Oh you posted my favorite pic!!! (smiling big) Sounds like the trip was more than an adventure...but that can be a good thing. :) I just love C.A. My travels have been limited to a month in Costa Rica and Venezuela on a bonefishing Los Roches (an island).

    That is WONDERFUL doctors helping people....and you having fun with the children....oh..I love post like this one.

    Just being thankful for food of any what counts...would be the way I look at it. (smiling) But I know you guys found the best cooking later on somewhere. Yummy I love the food there....esp breakfast!