Friday, January 08, 2010

Things could always be worse...

This sailboat must have gotten in trouble coming in Carolina Beach inlet and ended up washed up on shore on Masonboro Island.

I got back in late Wednesday night from North Carolina and greeted with six or eight inches of new snow. I wish I had time to ski. I had planned a “Travel Tip Thursday” post, but didn’t get it done. Maybe next week. I’ve got a bunch of posts that I need to finish, but haven’t felt like writing much lately. And now that I’m back, I’ve got stuff stacked up on my desk waiting for my attention. I’ll write more, later, promise!


  1. I can't imagine someone just leaving a boat to drift to shore, unless there's insurance fraud involved.

    BTW, when I saw the photo, I feared it was metaphor for your blogging in 2010.


  2. How long does something have to be abandoned before salvage rights kick in, it ever?

  3. Randall, I can't imagine taking a boat like that through Carolina Beach inlet unless it was a VERY calm day. It's a tricky inlet, one in which you need a shallow draft and power (this boat was lacking both) as the sandbars constantly shifts and the waves can come from any direction. If the weather was rough, most would head north and come in through Masonboro Inlet, 9 miles away

    Charles, yep, you're right.

    Ed, about the only thing left to salvage is some stainless... Who worries about salvage rights kicking in, the bottom's been kicked out! (the hull had some serious damage)

  4. Sage
    Good to have you back home; with my new year's resolution I'm looking for the beauty in all this white 'stuff?'
    Is that the same coastal inlet that includes Top Soil? We stayed at Top Soil a couple of days and I have a hat from there.

  5. Eutychus, that's "Topsail" however, Michael Malone in his very funny novel, "Handling Sin" used that confusion (top soil) for a funny story. Topsail is 2 or 3 inlets north

  6. I'm glad you got back safely, and I'm sorry we couldn't connect here.

  7. Time is spent as it is spent and your wallet is your wallet.

  8. Six to eight inches of snow?? I can't complain...but it is in the 30s and the wind is howling IN MIAMI!!...and the crazies are getting crazier!

    PS - I'll be back when you're back.

  9. Kenju, I'll make it to Raleigh one day or catch you when you're in Moore Country

    Walking Guy, and my blog is my blog...

    the Red Headed Cuban: Even up here, where it is well into the single digits and may go negative tonight, we're hearing about Miami's cold wave... At least, having lived in NY state, you know how to keep warm.

  10. I wouldn't mind being shipwrecked on a Carolina shore. Minus the ship.

  11. i'd love nothing more than to spend my days on the shore saving that boat, fixing it up like new...

    she's just a little broken n doesn't deserve to be throw away. i could help her feel better again... in fact, i think i'd like her better than a shiny new one. :)