Thursday, March 05, 2009

Back home

I'm back, safe and sound. I'll write about the trip later, including the basketball games, but for now I just want to let you folks know I'm back, without having to do battle with any drug lords (or even mosquitoes). That's me, swimming in a cenote (sink hole). A group of us hiked to this cenote one morning. Flying back on a plane loaded with tourists from Cancun (was Randall one of them?), the pilot flew low the length of the coastline. As I looked at the inviting water and ants in bikinis, I had to asked myself, "And why did I go tramping off in the jungle?" But it was a great trip. The small villages are a treat and Merida is a wonderful city (if only it wasn't so hot in the summer). My favorite new town in Mexico is now Izamal.

PS, you know it's a good trip when you go down below the Rio Grande for a week and don't fell the need to pop a single Imodium AD!


  1. Oh, the trek through the jungle would have soooo been worth that swim!

    YAY for no Imodium AD!

    Glad you had a great trip. Welcome home.

  2. I flew out of Cancun yesterday, but did spend some "cenote time" out in the weeds between Playa and Tulum.

    Good times.


  3. Yes...I look forward to hearing about those basketball games (teehee) and how about posting that shot of the "clinic"? ;-)

    Welcome back!

  4. I was trying to think whether Imodium is the one that makes you go or stop, but I think I figured it out from the context clues.

  5. That's my exact definition for a good trip below the Rio Grande too. Welcome back.

  6. Welcome back! :)

    The person who took this picture here, he/she is a pretty good photographer, able to get the silver tree colors, and frame it on the top right, oh the composition is excellent! (Or did you crop it?)

    Look forward to reading your stories!

  7. Lisa, the walk was nice and the swim great!

    Randall, I thought you were coming back on Tuesday--if I'd know we were both being that yesterday, I'd seen if you were available for lunch or at least a beer

    Murf, I'll tell more, you can be assured...

    Bone, most people in Mexico--especially when off the beaten path--don't have a problem going :)

    Ed, thanks

    Mother Hen, it was my camera (but the shot is well framed and it is not cropped). Out of the four of us who made the 4.5 mile roundtrip hike to the cenote, I was the only one who went in.

  8. Sage: You lead quite an interesting life! And believe it or not, I just popped 2 Imodiums!

  9. Not only was it brave for you to go IN the drank it, too?? (I'm referring to your PS, which cracked me up!) :)

    PS - I love that photo of you in the water!

  10. I love Merida. It's so different than the rest of Mexico. Though Oaxaca will always be my favorite city in the world

    Welcome home Sage

  11. Welcome home!

    I'm delighted for you that Montezuma opted to spare you from his own personal "revenge."

  12. Michael, I hope you're feeling better. I really try not to take any more medicine than I need--and the last two trips I've made down there (the other being to Honduras), I went without drugs

    Scarlet, I drank only purfied water, but I did eat the food. I also carry with me purifying tablets in case there is no purfied water readily available.

    Pia, isn't it a neat city! The music at night on the streets, the cathedral built in the 1590s!

    TC, I have been blessed with a pretty strong stomach.

  13. you went nekkit, right? You can't go all the way to South America and jump into a swimming hole like that with your clothes on... i'm just sayin'

  14. NO immodium? That was indeed a good trip! I met with Montezuma's revenge both times I was there.

  15. Hi sage, glad that you had a wonderful trip. Beautiful pic.

  16. Looks like a great swimming hole- must have been a fun trip. Nice timing too!

  17. how cold or warm is that water? did you see lots of wildlife?