Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Peeking at Queen Anne's Lace (Oh, you dirty boy) and Ranting on Local Politics

Although I generally prefer winter to summer, I do enjoy the watching the fields of Queen Anne’s Lace dancing in the breeze. I saw this barn last Thursday and pulled over to photograph the barn as a backdrop for a field of the flowers.

Today is Election Day here. One of the hotly contended races is for “Drain Commissioner.” There are eight candidates for the job and, when they were interviewed by the paper, none of them answered in the right way the one question that would have made me want to vote for them. When asked if they thought the position of drain commission should be an elected or an appointed position, they all felt it should be an elected position. WHAT? I’m not even sure some of these candidates are qualified to clean out the “S-trap” under a sink. Only a few of them are claiming training or experience in hydrology. But most of them, the exception being the one person with a degree in a relative field, have had professional portraits done so they could plaster their mug shot on poster boards. For an elected position, the drain commissioner job pays well.

Another hotly contended race is for Sheriff. I don’t care for Barney Fife, our current Sheriff, and I’m glad the local police chief is running against him. Twice I’ve heard this guy speak at gatherings and he’s made me mad enough that I would like to have walked out on him… One of those times I couldn’t have walked out if I had wanted to because it was in the jail. He served us regular jail food and bragged about how well he treated the prisoners while saving the county money. The jail is a dump and feeding prisoners large helpings of starchy mac and cheese, a fatty pork chop, over cooked green beans (which I hate) and a slice of white bread isn’t exactly treating them well. Most anywhere there is a sign for our current Sherriff, you also see one for our current Prosecutor as if they’re running on a team ticket. The real reason Barney Fife saves money at the jail is the Prosecutor. This guy can’t get a conviction! Unless something happened recently that I’m not aware of, he’s lost ever case that he’s tried in front of a jury (but he brags he’s against plea-bargaining). Getting a new Prosecutor might mean that the defense lawyers around the court house will actually have to start earning their daily bread.

Finally, I’ll be glad for the election to be over so everyone can get all those signs out of their yards. It seems most everyone has two or three signs planted in their front yard. Those in the sign businesses must love this, I think it makes us look like the whole town is for sale.
This will be a busy week as I’m getting ready to take off again. Next Sunday afternoon I leave for Western Ontario and a week in the wilderness.


  1. Love the new header pic... and the barn with the Queen Anne's Lace. That barn looks pretty recently painted :)

    I used to love Queen Anne's Lace. My Grandparents had a bunch growing by their house, and in the summer I'd pick a bunch, and my Grandma would put some dye in water, and I'd dye the flowers different colors. I'd completely forgotten that until your picture.

  2. The white flowers, red barn and blue sky look lovely!

    How did u get so lucky to have elections now, and then again in November?

  3. A local pottery shop will take the Queen Anne's Lace and press it into the pottery. When fired, the organic matter burns off leaving the delicate outline in the pottery. When glazed, it is outstandingly beautiful stuff. My mom has a collection of it that gets used for special occasions only.

    Good thing I'm not running for Sheriff. I would campaign on a platform of bread and water diets for all prisoners. I would probably save more money than the current head with his mac and cheese.

  4. I love the header photo, too, and the red barn is great, and a good backdrop for the lace.

  5. Header pic rocks!

    I've been wanting one, but, I'm not so savvy..And my computer is on the fritz.

    A week in the wilderness...After all of that your going to need it. Local politics can be...Silly.
    We may be having a County Commisioner overhaul here next go around. But, that's something to post about.

  6. TC, that's a neat trick--using water dye on the flowers

    Diane, this is actually the "primary" for local elections

    Ed, I've seen some nice pottery with Queen Anne's Lace. As for the Sheriff, I think you need to treat prisoners as humans and respect. I don't think they need to be feed "surf and turf". My real objections came from the way he belittled them

    Kenju, when I saw the barn, I was glad I had my camera with me and pulled over to get the shot.

    Applachianist, my former header pic (the one with the lake in the early morning with a duck swimming) was taken in your neck of the woods, in Canton!

  7. I often wonder about what motivates someone to run for public office. The answers I come up with are rarely encouraging.

    It's good to e-see you again. So glad to see you got away for some quiet time. I think I need to do the same. Soon!

  8. Very funny title Sage and excellent musings on local politics. I hope to one day know the politics here half as well.

    I only know that the mayor, a woman, used to own a hair salon I would have to be paid to go into but loved to look at and took a mess of pictures last year. Which is good as she tore it down and is making an office complex there

    I come and the character goes :

    I so need a real vacation. One where I could go to the ocean with my cell "for emergencies" and not because I'm waiting for life changing calls.

    So thanks for all the posts about your trips

  9. I'm so jaded now. My thought was, 'since when do qualifications apply in politics'. Man, I'm so different re anything political than I was 8 years ago.

    Have fun in the wilderness!!

  10. Well, call me callous, but I derive some pleasure each Tuesday when I see our green-striped prisoners riding the garbage truck, collecting our refuse. I like to think it will be a cautionary tale for some and a warning to others. Not sure what they feed them but they appear well fed to me.

  11. That barn picture could turn me into a country girl at the drop of a country hat. Wow! It's beautiful!

    Hope your Police Chief makes Sherrif!

    Also, don't forget to pack your camera when you head out in the wilderness! :)

    PS - Careful out there! You can't write that book if you don't make it out alive! ;)

  12. Why were you in Jail? Being a bad Sage? :)

    Nice picture of that barn, despite that bloody barn is bit too new. Why can't they have old barns, those falling apart barns, in such a place?

    Ontario huh? That is really cool. If you hunt, please send me some elk meat k? I really like elk meat. Don't bother with bear and dear and others. Only elk k? :)

  13. UPDATE: The election results are in and I only voted for one winner. We'll still have the same Sherriff and Prosectutor...

    Carmi, I hope you get some time off soon.

    Pia, glad you liked the title!

    Epiphany, I think we've all become more cycnical in the past 8 yeas (and I didn't think that to be possible because I've been cynical about politics since 1980)

    Susie, but are those guys taking taking away jobs for honest but less skilled workers?

    Scarlet, I'll have my camera, that's for sure! The Chief didn win :(

    That barn isn't that knew, but it's recently painted... I think the sign on the farm says the farm was established in the 1870s, don'e know when the barn was built. I won't be hunting in ONT, but do hope to eat walleye for dinner each night.

  14. Sage, have you read "Three Cups of Tea"? That is an excellent book for you to read while in the wilderness - that's my not so humble opinion :)

  15. Mother Hen, I haven't read it, but have heard good comments about the book.

  16. Spectacular picture. I hope to visit other parts of our country some day so that I can see such beautiful scenery. For now it's just urban scenery.

  17. We had a prosecutor like yours once. Fortunately, he only lasted one term.


  18. That is a lovely photo. I love red barns regardless. I did a few Queen Anne's shots the other day. I've always wondered about that little spot in the middle. When I uploaded my Macro shots a little clawed spider arm rose out of the middle, yuck, maybe that spot I always imagined to be a bug really is some sort of creature that comes with each flower!