Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Lesson Learned: A 3WW Writing Assignment

Yesterday’s Three Word Wednesday assignment, brought to us by Bone, is to write something with the following words: Avoid, Class & Sticky… Like I often did in school, I’m turning in mine a day late. My poem is about a lesson learned early for Sage, whom you see as an elementary school student in the photo to the left. I’m glad that today I have an electronic desktop.

A lesson learned

When in class and bored
avoid exploring under your desktop
where gross sticky remains from ages past
lurk and wait
for unsuspecting fingers.


  1. cute! I assume you grew into those teeth.

  2. Reminds me of a hamburger joint I used to frequent that had a sign advertising free gum with an arrow pointing under the countertop.

  3. And I am still in school sometimes sitting on those broken desks!


  4. :shuddering: I remember those feelings well!

    And ha! about turning in your homework late, still to this day. Some things don't change? ;)

  5. Dan, i wasn't thinking of it being advice as I was making fun of something I thought was gross.

    Kontan, and that's from a teacher!

    Kenju, I think I grew into them, of course I'm sure my beard hides my smile :)

    Tumble, thanks!

    Diane, I use to be cute!

    Ed, I don't know if I'd eat there a second time

    Gautami, keep your fingers on top! :)

  6. TC, Change? (that's the subject of my next post and actually, when I turned my homework in, it was generally on time).

  7. Like this. I kept going to new schools--they built them we came--so didn't have that problem

  8. Ed - One can only hope he was referring to gum.

    Sage - Don't you find the picture a bit ironic? In it, you have more hair on the top. Today, it's the other way around. Cursed Father Time. ;-)

  9. You would if you tasted the burgers. There were none better.

  10. Aw, you haven't changed a bit. Just a beard on that pic and it's you. :)

    Funny poem, btw.

  11. There was nothing grosser than finding a mysterious yuck under your desk.

    Cute kid!