Saturday, April 19, 2008

Take me out to the ballgame...

Yesterday evening was the perfect day for a ballgame, especially knowing that I was going to have to work most of today (besides, there was rain yesterday). So it was time to head north to the city and ballpark. Curtis Granderson, the Detroit centerfielder was back in the minors for a little bit of rehab. He’d broken a finger back at the beginning of spring break and they wanted him to get some playing in before he returns to the majors. It was the perfect night for a ballgame, the temperature at the singing of the national anthem was in the upper 70s. The sky was clear. A nearly full moon rose over the east side of the park, rising between two poles of lights. The game was good, but the West Michigan Whitecaps lost to the Burlington Bees, 3-0, in front of a sellout crowd. The good weather and Granderson really brought the folks out to see Single-A baseball. Granderson did get two hits—a hustling infield single and a nice triple. Photo of a maple not quite ready to bud out was shot on Thursday morning.
On an entirely different subject, now that it is spring, Murf has found what she thinks is the perfect winter covering for my bald head (I'm with good company 'cause her husband's head is also bald and we're both Steeler fans). Check it out.


  1. Sage: I enjoyed the names of these teams! The West Michigan Whitecaps and The Burlington Bees!!! Cool!!!!

  2. I like the photo! Peaceful. But I'm not much of a baseball game fan. I probably haven't been to one in over 25 years. :)

  3. We have a double A team near here. I was thinking of going to a game sometime this week actually. In the meantime, I've been playing fantasy baseball. The virtual hot dogs just aren't the same, though.

  4. I'm a Cardinal fan. It's genetic. Yet, I must confess, the best ballgames I've ever seen were minor league games. There's something peaceful about them.


  5. Michael, the Whitecaps (obviously referring to the Lake) are connected to Detroit--which is nice as you can see young players work their way up to the big leagues--and for a 3 hour trip, can see them play when they make the majors

    Tim, baseball is also peaceful--which is why I enjoy it more than football

    Ed, I should have put a picture of that contraption called a hat here--it's amazaing

    Bone, but you can eat a lot more of those fantasy hot dogs! and they don't stop selling beer in the 7th inning in fantasy baseball!

    Sherman, I use to be a Cardinal fan--when I was a kid, before the Braves moved south, everyone was a Cardinal fan--I saw my first game in SL when I was 14... There are three minor league teams within an hour drive of here!

  6. Cripes, the Tigers need Granderson back asap!

    And they need a lot more, to say the least!!

    But, there's still the Red Wings and Pistons to hope for.

  7. Nice hat. Now I'd like to see a picture of you in that Spring hat! :)

  8. Speaking of ballgames my nephew is going to see the Pirates lose on Saturday at PNC :)

  9. Karen, I've kind of become a Tiger fan and they're playing like my good ole friends, the Pirates

    Scarlet, Don't hold your breath on seeing that--I have my standards

    Mistress, Have faith (or at least tell your nephew to have faith...