Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"I Potato You" (along with the tax day blues)

I cried today… I had to go to the Post Office and mail a few envelopes. That’s right; I don’t send my taxes in till they are due. And I don’t send them electronically either. Since I pay quarterly taxes, I never get money back from the IRS, but this year was down right painful, it was the equivalent to paying two quarters at once. I’m now looking forward to Georgie Boy’s little give away—his popularity incentive, but I swear it’ll take more than $600 to buy my support. At least it’ll booster the saving account. Personally, I have a problem with giving away money like this and really think they should have extended unemployment benefits instead. This is the second time he’s done this (and he keeps saying he’s conservative). Of course, what’s 600 bucks? I’m really feeding out of the wrong federal trough. I’d like to lunch out of the one from which Bear Stearns got fed. Fiscally, he’s the most irresponsibly president in my lifetime, even passing Tricky Dickie’s economic shindigs when he was trying to save his butt during Watergate. But as much as I complain, my banker will be glad to see that check deposited. After all, she’s (yes, the manager of my bank is a woman) probably needs that money back in my account so she can cover so bad real estate loans.

While I’m complaining, I now hear McCain has an idea to forgo federal gasoline taxes this summer… At least that’s what I think I heard on NPR this afternoon. I’m going to have to wash my ears real good tonight. That can’t be so, can it? If we don’t pay gas taxes, who is going to pay to fix our roads? We have had a pretty good winter here and there are potholes that could soon become a subway to China. Of course, if we don’t want to fix our own roads, we’ll probably feel an obligation to fix those Iraqi roads that keep being blown up.

Of course, I’m not very happy with the other two candidates either. I can’t stand listening to Hillary. She has none of Bill’s Southern charm; she’s perfect as a senator from New York because she sounds like a Yankee. And then there is Mr. Obama. I’ve got to get this posted so I can read the Good Book and then get my shotguns out of the gun safe and oil ‘em up. They’re getting a little rusty from being clutched so much lately. It’s hard to be excited about politicians on a good day; it’s especially hard on tax day.

As for good news, I was making potato soup Sunday afternoon and came across the spud in the picture. I think I will put this boy up on EBay and see if I can make enough to cover my taxes. I hear Cornflakes in the shape of Indiana are hot; I wonder what a heart-shaped potato will bring? Too bad I didn’t discover this before Valentine’s Day; it would have probably been more valuable then. Some fat-cat Idaho potato farmer could have brought it for his wife. “I potato you, Honey,” he could have told her. Now wouldn’t that be romantic.


  1. Chuckling out loud here in NC, Sage. I can't stand listening to HIllary either. Her voice is getting shriller by the minute.

    As to GW's money? I hope to pay of my gasoline bill with it - or at least get it down to a more manageable sum.

  2. The whole government needs an overhaul. Remember Brewster's Millions? Vote "none of the above"

    Pickin's are slim!

    Can't say that I don't want to see a little extra for the rainy day fund or a little relief from the gas prices. Relatively certain that a quick fix isn't going to be much relief though.

  3. Instead of a rebate, a tax cut would have been fine. But a rebate merely gives money to people who didn't earn it.


  4. I've been on the lookout for state shaped food items to sell on ebay too. So far, all my cornflakes look like unheard of pacific islands.

  5. Aren't you getting more than $600 since you are married and with child?

    I'm choosing to ignore the Yankee comment.

  6. Kenju, it looks like NC's primary will really count this year! I'm glad I don't have to listen to all the additional commericals (they'll be enough of them come fall)

    Kontan, most of my life I've been voting against folks, instead of for 'em

    Sherman, a rebate when there is no surplus (and as long as we have the Iraq sinkhole to swallow up whatever money we have there will never be a surplus), is stupid! At least extending unemployment would give $ to people who will spend and boost the economy.

    Ed, I wonder how many people are now spending their mornings combing through their cornflakes for valuable shapes?

    Murf, even counting all that the rebates, we're still in the hole. Don't thank the yankee comment too harsh--there's a difference between a NY or NJ yankee and one from PA or MI!

  7. This is what I would call "potatoeing into his/her heart" as the case may be!

    And don't worry, I gonna make sure I have net access as soon as posssible!


  8. We potato you, Sage...even if you don't potato New Yorkers. :)

    It's good to read about your day-to-day stuff, too. Good post!

  9. Gautami--hope you move goes smoothly

    Scarlet--this isn't really day to day stuff (In other words, I really didn't clean any guns last night, but I've been meaning too as my neighbor has been after me to shoot skeet with him and it's been 3-4 years since I've had them out and they need to be oiled).

  10. I'm less critical of Obama than you, but I second all of your other points . . .

    This time of year (April, before the 15th), my checking account looks very impressive. Then I write checks for: property taxes, taxes due for 2007, quarterly taxes for 2008, and funding my Roth IRA . . .

    Now my account is very unimpressive . . .

    And cutting the gas tax? Freakin' brilliant plan.

  11. One potato, two potato, three potato, four.
    Five potato, six potato, seven potato, more.

    Just don't Quayle the potatoe! :~)

  12. Hate the Obamalamadingdong...he and his pastor are spawns of that man from a very low place. All he knows how to do is talk pretty and every so often he slips up and talks like the a-hat that he really is.

    If they cut the Federal Gas Tax...it would amount to about 20 cents a gallon. Not hardly worth it to drive through pothole hell.

    Oh and thank you kindly. I earned my $600. And to the Seniors that get squat..and can't pay their electric bills over the winter months...well they deserve some slack too. I live with older people I know what they have to live on...when they come from a time with small pensions and 401Ks didn't exist.

    Rant ended....

  13. I'm so unexcited about the upcoming Presidential election it's not even funny. I really and truly think all of the candidates are horrible. It's going to be another year of picking the lesser of all evils... great!

    We have had a pretty good winter here and there are potholes that could soon become a subway to China.

    Haha... here too. It's horrible so far! Some of these potholes could swallow my car whole it seems like!

    Loved the potato pic... and yeah, it would have been fabulous for Vday.

  14. Sage, what is it with you and women who have strong yet questionable political views? :-)

  15. Diane, even when you know its going to happen, the 15th is a tough day... I think if I ever decide to skip the country, I'll do it on the 14th

    Karen, cute!

    Mistress, from my experience in Pgh, I can image the roads there this spring are also in pretty rough shape

    TC, Anderson in 1980 was the last candidate I was truly excited about--voting for the lesser of evils seems to be a way of life now

    Murf, I assume you include yourself in this category, eh?

  16. Boy, you're full of piss and vinegar today, aren't ya? 2-0 on teasing me today so far. Impressive.

  17. I'm sorry if my PH level is a little low this morning--but I thought I had two great comebacks to you this morning--here and in Ed's blog.

  18. Quit now while your ahead today, Sage. :-)