Thursday, August 24, 2006

Breaking News

Scientists have declared that Pluto is no longer a planet. This comes as no surprise to thousands of school children worldwide who have maintained all along that Pluto is a dog and splits his time between Disneyworld in Florida and Disneyland in California. This reduces the number of planets in our neighborhood to eight. Some scientists, especially those teaching school, lobbied to drop the number to seven. Seven objects are more easily remembered than eight, hence the seven digits in a phone number. But they were overrule when no agreement on which of the remaining planets should get the boot. One scientists was overheard quipping, just give us time and we'll destroy earth and then they'll only be seven planets left.

Please remember to say that you heard it here first.
-Nevada Jack reporting


  1. I read that but couldn't find any mention of just two weeks ago when scientists were suggesting an increase in the number of plants by three to twelve. Are the fickle minded or what?

  2. scientists need to get a life!! :-)

  3. I have no doubt that we'll destroy earth someday!

    Pluto being demoted is like St. Christoper being demoted - they don't get no respect! (ala Rodney Dangerfield)

    Michele sent me to welcome you back!

  4. Hi Sage, thanks for dropping by and making a great comment on our blog, glad you saw the funny side. All the best.

  5. I actually heard that about 2 years ago...but I still kept seeing it show up as a planet. The newspaper this past weekend had an article on yet another planet scientists wanted added and it had Pluto listed right with the others. I wish they would make up their mind! Poor Pluto! I always think of the Disney dog!

    Almost forgot- I am not used to saying Michele sent me...I am a regular here anyway!

  6. Ed, yeah, I kind of wondered who died and made them gods... creating, deleting planets at will.

    Karen, they're trying to get a life, politiking for and against planets

    Kenju, you're probably right, maybe Eliot wasn't right, his poem should have ended, "this is the way the world ends, BANG

    Paste, I'm still mad at you! You can knock our president (as if you Brits have any room to talk), but you better go easy on Audie MacDowell and baseball!

    Deana, it's been talked about for a few years, but the actual demotion came from some kind of vote taken this week in some Eastern European city by some scientists who think they have have the power or at least the authority to promote and demote heavenly bodies

  7. Jeff it's so nice of you to drop by my page. it's so heartwarming to see good people remembering me when im not in my brightest moods :)

  8. I'm very upset about this. In second grade we had a crazy teacher who wanted us to do five book reports a week---we could shoot for the moon, venus, jupipter, and yes, Pluto---know that I've left out many

    My parents went to my teacher and told her that I loved to read and they weren't going to chance my hating reading because of a full--not like today's second graders get---full book report a day

    And so my parents saved my love of reading--and Pluto's somehow involved.

  9. That was planet nine, my friend. Named rightly after the God of the Underworld. You don't step to the God of the Underworld! These "scientists" will learn, my good friend, when Pluto steps on the breaks, hangs a sharp left, and draws a bead on Prague. Pluto ain't going out alone. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha! You think Mercury is hot! Just you wait.

    Anyway, does anyone remember that we launched a $700 million rocket for a ten year trip to Pluto last January? Hip, hip, hooray for scientists!

    We are so screwed.

  10. I've not yet broken the news to my son. I'm expecting the arguments that start with, "No, you are wrong Mommy." Think I need to pop Pluto off his glow-in-the-dark sticker solar system that's plastered to his ceiling?

  11. oops, I should add that Michele sent me. ;)

  12. I heard it here second. The little guy always gets kicked out. LOL

    Michele sent me.

  13. Good stuff, Sage.

    Next they'll be telling us there's only six continents. Or 25 letters in the English alphabet. Or no Santa Claus.