Monday, October 31, 2016

Post Hurricane Blues and the removal of a tree

The leaning pine before the clean up started

 Everyone seems to have the blues.  Things have been crazy after the hurricane (and then there was that unexpected hospital stay the week before the storm).  We are all on edge, it seems.

At least the number of calls for the fire department have decreased.  The week after the storm, as trees were coming down, we had many calls for broken gas and electrical lines.  All the utilities are under ground, but as trees uprooted, they broke gas and electrical lines.

One of the strangest call was for a burning palm tree.  The owners of the house had no idea why it was burning but it was burning all up the trunk.  We pulled a one inch line and started to douse the tree, then the fireworks started.  The problem was the electrical lighting in the ground (which were covered with saw dust from another tree that had been removed).  The wires were damaged and shorting out, causing the fire.  When water started soaking the ground, the sparks started.  Certainly one of the more interesting fire calls.

In addition to my volunteer work, I have also been teaching graduate class at a local university.  It is my first time teaching on this level and I'm enjoying the class but it is requiring a lot from me so some things have to slide and blogging in one of them.  So with that excuse, I will post a photo essay from one of our trees that was dangerously leaning after the storm.  It cost $1500 to remove this tall pine and a smaller maple that was dying.
This was a big tree
Life hasn't been all work.  I have enjoyed the World Series (one that I want both teams to win).  On Saturday, I did sail and in four races we took three first place finishes and one very close second place finish.  The second place finish was because our spinnaker twisted and it took too long to get it to fly, allowing the other boat to overtake us on a downwind run.  We were only seconds behind as we crossed the finish line.
Topping out the tree
Piecing down the trunk
a crane lowered each piece
The limbs were feed into a shredder...
One of the workers told me bodies had to be frozen
or they made  a mess!

The stump grinder

Chewing up the tree

Finishing up with the maple stump
(I"m still waiting for the county to pick up stuff in the yard)


  1. Interesting story about the palm tree and congrats on the wins!

    Go Tribe!

  2. When it comes to shredding bodies, I always think of Fargo!

    1. I remember that but not remember if the bodies had already frozen... I felt cold watching the movie.

  3. Egads, that palm tree fire is kind of scary considering.

  4. Wow, sounds like you've had a busy, crazy time lately. I'm glad you were able to figure out what was causing the pine tree fire. I don't think I would have thought of that. Congratulations on your sailing wins! I hope that worker at the shredder wasn't speaking from first hand experience!

  5. I'm always sad when a tree has to be removed from a storm or because it's dead. It sure costs a lot to remove a tree, too. And takes a lot of work.

  6. Wow, I had no idea it costs so much to remove a tree.

  7. I'm with Chrys. I love trees and hate to see them cut down unless they're dead. That palm tree incident was interesting.

    So you have to freeze a body before shredding? I believe that was an episode on Bones a long time ago? Talk about grim.

    Hope the clean up goes quickly and you can start exploring more of those salt marshes or other exciting places.

  8. I remember my husband removing trees himself back when we were still young. Even then, it scared me to watch him working so high up!

    You've been very busy.

  9. Very busy indeed. I thought I could be happy with either team winning the World Series but have found my heart to be very much with the Cubbies. Was glad to see them win one at home and I'm hoping for 7 games. Either way, they're two classic, deserving teams.

  10. It's always sad when a tree comes down, even when it's necessary.

  11. So sad when a tree comes down, and you were so busy . Take care

  12. I suppose if there was a way to hushy the tree back upright they'd have done so.

  13. Wonder which is worse, the actual event or the aftermath?

  14. Wow ive never seen a post like this before very unique and interesting but at the same heart-breaking to see a tree been taken out :-( I love nature. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.. :-) Have a lovely day! Visit me whenever you have time kisses Dominica! xXx

  15. I'm always sad to see an old tree taken down.

    I'm enjoying the series too, though definitely pulling for the Cubs.

  16. Lots going on in your world! I hope the blues subside soon.

    I usually only watch the World Series if Atlanta is involved, so you know that's been a long time. :) But the whole Cubs thing captured my attention, so I'm watching it. Two really wonderful teams, but I find myself pulling for the Cubs.

  17. Yeah, this might be too much info but I am feeling a little down myself. Part political and part situational with the former being my growing dismay that the worst of two bad candidates (Trump) could end up the president of the United States. Let me rephrase that statement, Trump is a political science nightmare of Lovecraftian proportions. The latter involves my wife's near obsession with major home renovation projects that are becoming increasingly problematic.

  18. I guess I wound up being for Cleveland. I just think the world needs a few lovable losers, and now we've lost one more in the Cubs.

    In other news, I have a Bradford pear that has really gotten out of control in the backyard. You know, if you didn't already get your fill of tree removal.

    Take care.

  19. Yes, it is always sad to see a tree come down.
    So important to keep re-planting.

    I hope this month of November is being a good month for you.
    Hope the teaching is still going well.

    All the best Jan

  20. First off, I'm happy to see that you seem to be much better now.
    Some downed trees are bad, but it could have been much worse, right?
    Good luck on the teaching, that is great! You do what you gotta do, and check in when you can...

  21. Wow - three first place wins?! Applause to you and your team. I'm glad you manage to balance work and fun, Sage.
    Be well, and keep on keeping on.
    PS Again, thanks for the Martha cookie link. I'm even laughing as I typed that.