Monday, July 11, 2016

Another long paddle

A selfie
I’ve taken a couple of long paddles the last two Fridays.  This was on Friday, July 1.  A friend and I left from the marina on Delegal Creek at 9:30 AM.  We had three hours of falling tide.  Aided by the current, we paddled out into Green Island Sound, pass the last navigation marker with its osprey’s nest.  I was surprised that the bird wasn’t there squawking at us as she has done other times this summer, but then as we were about to pass the marker she came back to the nest with what appeared to be a marsh rat in her talons.  Dinner for the little ones!   

Instead of paddling in the open water, I wanted to try to explore some back passages to Wassaw Island, so we turned up Adam’s Creek and paddled against the falling tide as we made our way deep into Romerly Marsh.   We often saw families of birds along the shoreline and at one place saw several bottle-nosed dolphins running mullet up on the banks.  As the small fish flopped back into the water, the dolphins snacked on them.  But as we tried to get close enough to capture a good shot, the dolphins took off.  It was in chasing the dolphins that we made a wrong turn and paddled up a creek that played out.  We turned around and found Adam’s Creek again and continued paddling up it, between Skidaway and Little Wassaw Island until it turned into the Olingsell River.  By the way, I am not sure what qualifies as a river or a creek out here as they didn’t appear to be that different in size.

Marsh near low tide

Reaching the river was a milestone as it flowed out into the Ossabaw Sound on the west side of Wassaw Island.  Passing Flora Hammock, we continued to paddle in the heat, knowing that soon the tide would turn and we’d be paddling against it.  Sure enough, the tide did turn and the last mile or so against the current. 

We stopped at a neat but muddy beach on Wassaw Island, at the confluence with Wassaw Creek, about a half mile from the point.  It was shady and there were dead trees (reclaimed by the tides) that made good benches to sit and enjoy lunch.   It was nice to be in the shade as the temperature was approaching triple digits and the heat index well over a 100. 
Approaching lunch spot
lunch spot
From lunch spot
approaching storm
After eating and resting, we decided to get moving as it appeared there would be an afternoon storm.   Instead of paddling the creeks, we paddled out through the Ossawbaw and Green Island Sound, passing the shoals just south of Pine Island.  We watched a storm come in from the southeast, with lightning on the other side of the sound.  

About the time we arrived back into Delegal Creek, to the squawking of the osprey, we were soaked with a cooling rain.  It felt good and with the lightning staying south of us, we were okay (although not particularly safe, but there was nothing to do but keep paddling).  We got back to the marina, tied our boats up on our vehicles and then, while downing a beer, enjoyed a second storm with its cooling wind from the safety of a porch along the dock.  We had paddle a little less than 16 miles with about 6 or so against the tide.

Tim as we paddle back across Ossabaw Sound
Photo taken by Tim
Trip mapped by Tim's App on his phone
What have you been doing for fun recently?


  1. Glad to see you are back to your traveling. I take it the knee is completely recovered then?

  2. The places you see along that paddling journey are beautiful. What's the bug population like?

  3. Great pictures and what a workout you must get from all that paddling! You certainly deserve a beer or six after that!

  4. Lovely photos and I admire you for pursuing outdoor activities in this heat! Scary being on the water with lighting, though.

    I've come to the conclusion birds are one of the best parts of being outside! Glad you saw your Osprey again. :)

  5. I'm glad you've been able to get back to paddling and have been enjoying it after your knee problems.

    Lovely pictures. Especially that lunch spot. That would make a great place for a picnic. :)

    Wow. That sure was a LOOOOONG paddle. Way to go!

  6. Looks like a lot of fun despite adverse tides.

  7. Outstanding pictures. Sure looks like a nice place to spend some time.

  8. I can only imagine all the calories you burned on this excursion. Great pictures.

  9. Wow! That was a long day. I went blueberry picking and then a bike ride yesterday.

  10. Goodness, that was a long paddle!
    Loved all of your photo's.
    But that sure was hot you described ...'It was nice to be in the shade as the temperature was approaching triple digits and the heat index well over a 100.' and then of course the storm!

    I went out earlier today and got caught up in our rather dismal summer weather the UK is experiencing ... whatever happened to summer!!! Maybe August will be better!!!

    Take care

    All the best Jan

  11. Lovely scenery there. The shade and rain must have brought welcome relief after all that paddling in such heat. I've been swimming in our back yard pool lately, both for fun and to try and keep cool. I also had a visit from my son last week, and it was fun seeing him and catching up with all his news.

  12. Man i knew at some point you'd have to reflect on the heat, if only briefly. It has been so hot here you can not walk barefoot on concrete.

    *meh* here we just are in summertime 'hood stabilization mode with heightened awareness because of national events over which there is no control.

  13. Nice picture of you :)
    Im happy you are traveling again !

  14. Looks like a great journey. Your pics are always a treat.

  15. The sand looks so smooth and untainted, and the water - mmm, I'm relaxed having viewed it from afar.

  16. Wow.. fun adventure. I just left a canoe ride blog post before landing here. Good thing I don't get seasick. Thanks for the ride.

  17. Great seeing you and your lovely shots! I really like your lunch spot most of all!