Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Where's Sage? He was last seen flying across the ice

That's me!
 Yep, that's me.  I've not dropped totally off the side of the earth, at least not yet.  However, there have been times this winter that I was ready to jump of the edge.  It has been a long winter and because of all that was going on with me (ie, my absence here), I haven't had nearly enough time to cross country ski (of course, that doesn't mean that I didn't ski, for I did, just not as much as I wanted to).  And the weather has been so cold that only in the last week have the rivers opened up enough to canoe!

Boats on Jordan Lake
On Sunday, I got a text from a friend telling me the ice was perfect for ice boating.  Friday and Saturday had been warm days and the top layer of ice had melted then when the temperature reverted back to the deep freeze on Saturday night, the water refroze into a slick surface (except where the ice fishermen had dug holes).  Knowing that I was interested in experiencing ice boating, he told me to come over to his house on the lake after church.  I wasted not time getting there!

I can't believe how fast you can go on one of these boats--much faster than sailing on water.  The wind just scoots you across the lake.  I read a bit on ice boating and one article said you could go five times faster than the wind (which was probably blowing around 20  mph).  Of course, we weren't going 100 mph, as these were not high performance boats, but we were still moving and being that close to the ice it seemed even faster.  Yes, we were wearing helmets and every bit of your skin had to be covered as the temperature was in the mid-teens (~-10C).  But it was fun!
You had to stay away from this section of the lake!

 Of course, near the mouth of the lake there was a section where the water was not frozen and one had to avoid it.  It was easy to see as there were a few swans camped out in the open water, like bouys!

I've missed all winter the sound of canvas luffing in the wind.  Adding that to the sound of the blades cutting across the ice, it was mystical. Michigan doesn't have as many great days for ice boating, I'm told, as they do on the other side of Lake Michigan where the conditions are often more favorable.

Soon, the ice and snow will be gone and I'll be launching my boat... Until then, ice boating has wet my appetite for the sail.  (Right now, on my closed in porch, I am restoring my boom--last spring I redid the mast for my boat). 

This winter has been tough-not because of the snow and cold temperatures for I enjoy winter and the weather has been perfect.  But the past four months have taken their toil on me and consequently I haven't felt much like writing the kinds of things I enjoy sharing here.  Even on the cross country ski trips, I have tended to be locked into my own head, trying to figure things out.  However, I am thinking about starting a private blog (and if you are interested, you can let me know, as I won't have it publicly available) to share some of these "other adventures" as I also look to collect them for memoirs.

I hope you have enjoyed your winter and will have a blessed spring. 

Boats on Jordan Lake


  1. good to see you man...do let me know if you open that private blog...
    i hope all is well...

    the ice sailing...wow...that sounds and looks thrilling...never had the chance to try it...but i would be game...ha

  2. That ice sailing looks like a blast. It reminds me of about 35 years ago, I went ice skating on a lake with a group of friends. It was an incredibly windy day but pleasant enough to be out there. At some point we figured out that if we opened our jackets while skating with the wind, it would take us across the lake a whole lot faster. I don't think I've ever moved that quickly on my own two feet. It was exhilarating.

    Please do include me among those interested in visiting your new blog.

  3. It was THAT cold? I couldn't stand it for a minute and I don't see how you can!

  4. We have our skills tested in different ways, and come through, but I think you are the braver man.

  5. First I want to through a few things out.
    If you feel better after giving blood. And I mean actually better, you could have excess Vit A in your liver. You are probably eating less of the carb based foods so you are balancing appetite with proteins. But there's a few problems with how medics address us in the west. You have the symptom of low energy and they give you iron. Now if your processing of other sugars is compromised, fructose, lactose et al. Then there are a series of unconnected symptoms from general tiredness, low mood, IBS, gut motility, raging yeast blooms and fungus invasions.

    WOW, I didn't know you could do that where you are from. I thought if I thought at all, that ice sailing was a Canadian or Russian game.
    What about pressure ridges, do they through you. And are the blades acting as a keel, where the line of travel can be triangular. Basically, can you sail into wind much as you'd do with a keelboard.
    Lovely shot of Fiachra and Conn. Two of Lir's children from Children of Lir.

  6. I will remember this as the most physically painful winter of my life, my youth has caught up to me and this past 4.5 months of arctic mess gahhhhhhhhhhh! Not to mention one of the most emotionally exhausting as well, but come the spring or better yet skip spring and go directly to summer you know it's going to take two months for the big 5 to lose their ice. Ifg ya don't mind put me on your private list eh Jeff?

  7. Good to hear from you. Hope everything is ok Sage.

  8. I do like traveling fast, but I don't know about that cold, man.

  9. It sounds like you've been really enjoying your life! Better than sitting in front of a computer! ;0)

  10. Hope all is well, Sage. I would be interested in your private blog - just let me know how to get to it.

    And that ice sailing looks and sounds fun, but COLD!

  11. Yes, the Winter has been one of the most difficult for all of my friends up north, Sage! Good to see you back.

  12. There you are! It's funny I have been thinking about you doing this very thing! I myself have fallen in the a bit too busy mode and find my catching up in Bloggerville so rewarding! Here's a must see post of what's happening in my world http://twincitiesblather.blogspot.com/2014/04/thematic-photographic-chaotic.html?showComment=1398176911782#c3486992389403762498

    Hope to see your chaos as well! :)