Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tonight (when it rains it pours)

Generally there is nothing I’m interested in on TV, but tonight was different.  There was a Steeler game, a Tiger playoff game, and the Vice Presidential debates.  I kept jumping back and forth…  While watching the debates, I couldn’t help but to think that Paul Ryan looked like an adult Eddie Munster.  So I googled Eddie Munster, looking for a picture, and found that this wasn’t an original thought as this August article in Salon shows.  So as I listened to the debates (with jumps back and forth to the Steeler’s game), I created this photo. Now that the debate between the arrogant is over—I don’t like either of them—I’ll go back to flipping back and forth to the ballgames.  
I also think that I figured out how Romney is planning on making America energy independent.  One of the most promising untapped oil field in America in on his running mates head.  As for Joe, he could go a long ways to making wind energy a viable option.


  1. I really can't be bothered this year. The media is so blatantly biased over this side that it's very hard to gain any real information. Nor is the internet much better for all the so called analysis is tilted in one direction or another. Some with racism and some with coded religious intolerance.
    I never understood why the democratic party grandees ran with Obama. He was guaranteed to polarize. He didn't even win big in a race that he couldn't lose, and that's saying something. That the Republicans are utterly stupid politically where you'd wonder if they could arrange a party in a distillery when all they needed was a fairly decent bloke with a couple of kids who could keep it in his britches and pay his taxes and they end up with Romney and Ryan. Who frankly has something of the night about him right enough.
    So, it's their own fault if either political party lose. But the far bigger crime is on the part of the democrats for it displays a degree of delusion and quite frankly I don't expect their survival for much longer in the current form unless they purge their version of the Trotskyites, Green, that pro-abortion lobby and whatever other fringe group you care to mention for they these days have more a feel of university politics than something mainstream.

  2. The debates seem so ultra rehearsed (on either side) that I never think there will be true surprises, so I didn't watch.

    lol at Eddie Munster and Paul Ryan. :) Well done!

  3. ugh on the steelers...its going to be a long year...but then again gonna be a long 4 years ahead as well....

  4. I don't mind Biden. Ryan scares me pretty good.

  5. I don't really understand your comment on Biden Jeff, the Ryan rude came to the fore and he monopolized about 1/2 of Biden's time and the conservative moderator let him although she did at times try to cut him off but he kept talking over her, same as Romney did. that is their debate game plan...take a knee and run out the clock. No substance, no game just blather about non specific crap. While saying without saying that if you don't have your millions already you never will.

  6. It is certainly interesting that I had completely the opposite view of the debate than one of your previous commentors. I though Biden kept interrupting, talking over the top of Ryan and asking for more time when he wasn't due time.

    On the debate itself, I watch them mostly for entertainment value since they offer very little substance anymore. I came up with a thought last night. They should insert an electrified probe up the nearest cavity of both of the debaters and when they talk out of turn, interrupt, go over their time limit or say something proven false, they get a charge. I might even pay to watch that debate!

    1. "nearest cavity" is an interesting concept. I completely agree.


    I always though Ryan looked like Ernest (Jim Varney). Ernest has the advantage though, in actually being..earnest. I didn't watch the debate but I hear it didn't have much substance. A few good lines from Biden but otherwise a wash. I don't know why they have the VPs debate anyways...the President doesn't even do a whole lot, let alone the VP!

  8. I was thinking more of Alfred E. Newman. . .

  9. he does look like Eddie!!! except that I don't think Eddie ran a marathon in 2:50 something...maybe he did it in 4 plus hours?