Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Catching UP (Coming home early and the death of a blog-friend)

Last Friday night…

There is nothing sadder than coming home to a house that you’d left earlier in the day, all closed up for a ten day trip. The dog that’s normally at the front door, wagging his tail, so happy to see you, is at the kennel. The air inside is already stuffy as the air conditioning is off. There’s no ice tea made as the last was poured down the drain, knowing that it would only stain the pitcher if left that long. Furthermore, nothing good left in the fridge as what little was left had been given to a neighbor. I’m thirsty and thankfully there are still a few bottles of beer. This is an all too familiar situation when flying out of a Midwest airport late on a hot summer afternoon. I should have known as much when I got up in the morning and took the dog out. It was already warm and the air still and very heavy. We’d had violent weather Thursday afternoon, under a tornado watch for a short while in the late afternoon with a watch that extended till 3 AM. I was hopefully that we were going to be heading out west, but that’ll have to wait till tomorrow…

Tuesday morning…

We finally made it to Las Vegas late Saturday afternoon, a day later than planned, but also late enough that required a change in plans. Instead of going to Virginia City, we went to Death Valley. I had to get out of Vegas ASAP. That’s right, my daughter wanted to go to Death Valley and although I've been in the valley six times, all my trips have been between December and April. So, why not. It was only in the low 120s (for those on the Celsius scale, that’s around 46 or 47 degrees, which sounds cooler, until you realize that’s almost ½ way to the boiling point). The experience will give me some more stories to write about as we travel around the west and see friends. As I don’t write about family stuff here, I’ll also get to spare you the details of the wedding we’re attending next Saturday in Las Vegas.

As we haven't always had cell phone service, I haven’t been reading blogs while traveling. (I'll catch up this weekend when parked in a Vegas hotel), but one headline caught my attention this morning and I clicked over and learned of the unexpected death of guy who often commented here and on some of your blogs. Richard (Buffalodick) had a food blog and I’d enjoyed a number of his recipes. I was hoping we’d be at one of the same chili cookoffs, but I was never able to make any. Condolences to his family. Although I never got to meet him, I’ll miss his comments and insights.


  1. It's a good thing beer keeps, eh? Sorry to hear about Richard. I did not connect with him on blogs but I know others who did and respected him.

  2. What a terrible loss for the blogging community - I have seen his name around on multiple blogs. So sorry to hear of Richard's death.

  3. I've often wondered if anyone in my family would log into my blog and let everyone know of my demise. Perhaps I should write that in my will before people can claim any inheritance.

  4. I didn't know of him, but it's always sad to lose a fellow blogger. Enjoy your stay out west!

  5. A terrible loss. I came home from vacation to hear of his passing.

  6. I bet I know whose wedding that is. If it's not to late for them, I highly recommend the Blue Hawaii wedding package at the Viva Las Vegas wedding chapel. :-)

    I've never read his blog either. I better give Big A all my passwords.

  7. When I think midwest I think Kansas. Is there a mideast, I've not heard of it but then again I'm on t'other side of the Atlantic.
    Here volcanic ash seems to be the only natural thing that halts flight.

    Sorry about your friend Buffalodick, I seen his comment now and then.

  8. 120s, sure, but that's a dry heat, right? :)

    Sorry about the loss of your blogging friend. It's sure a unique experience, all these bloggers we get to know and read about, but so many of whom we never meet.

  9. I'm sorry about Buffalodick, Sage. It's very sad to find out that a blog fellow has passed away. We swap worlds when these things happen, but cybergrief also exists when you have never met your blogfriends and something happens to them.

    I have an idea of what 47ºC are -sometimes there's a bit of a Death Valley climate over here-.

    Take it easy, my friend. It looks like you've been really busy lately. When are you starting your summer holidays?

  10. dry heat, bahahah...Bone *shaking head*

    Sorry to hear of the passing of a blog friend.

    I embrace the welcome home stuffiness when arriving from vacation, but the unexpected early arrival must be rather depressing.

  11. I salute you for Death Valley in July. You're a better man than me if you get within 100 miles of the Mojave.


  12. Sorry for your friends loss, and to his family. I've wondered about the same. It is strange coming home like that- been there. Especially with change in the winds.

  13. richards passing really threw me for a loop this week...he was the second blag friend i lost for the week...so sad...

  14. In December 2008, a book blogger friend died all of a sudden. Dewey was a much respected and loved book blogger. She in a way built up the book blogging community. And even now many reading challenges are run in her name, which she had started.

    Dewey is missed very badly, yet she lives in our hearts. Thought I would share it with you.

    It doesn't matter if we meet our blog friends or not. They do hold special places in our hearts.

    By the way, Delhi has the worst weather right now!

  15. Thanks for the condolences for Richard--I hope you posted them also on his blog. As for Death Valley, I'll do a post soon...

    Murf, the wedding is in 2 hours--if Elvis shows up, I'm leaving!

    Bone, dry heat my.... it's as humid as I've experienced out here.

    Gautami, sorry about your loss.

  16. there is always something so human in your posts even when they are about a site.
    Interesting how we get to care for the ones on blogville. It is sad to lose him