Monday, April 19, 2010

Playing tag

Last week John at Full-On Foward tagged me in one of those seven things about you type of post. I’m to list seven things seven things about me and then tag seven others. I never tag others, but have occasionally done tags and told John that I would be proud to do this one. It’s been a while since I’ve done a tag… but I’ve written so much that it’s been harder to come up with seven things to surprise or shock you (especially when considering my self-imposed limitations in my blog), but here goes:

1. The first four years of my life we lived in a log cabin (unlike Abe, I was born in a hospital)
2. Like John, I love ballet. It probably has more to do with a fetish for women with shapely legs than for the art.
3. When I living in Western NC, I brought season tickets to the Charlotte Opera. It was to impress a woman with whom I hoped to share the season. It turned out that I attended each opera (there were 3) with a different woman. (that should give Murf something to chew on)
4. I taught myself semaphore when I was a kid. I was grounded in my room and one of my few books was the Boy Scout handbook. I no longer know it, but knowing it came in handy at a camporee when I was able to help our patrol win an event.
5. At one time, I was pretty good at reading CW (continuous wave or the way Morse Code is transmitted). I still know the letters but probably couldn’t translate anything above 5 words a minute.
6. I often battle feelings of melancholy.
7. I have never lived in a place that I didn’t find something about it to celebrate. Although I’ve never been a member of a Chamber of Commerce, I could have always been a spokesperson for them.

I spent Thursday through Saturday at an incredible conference, the Festival of Writing and Faith at Calvin College. I hope to post some about that in the coming week.
The photo was taken two weeks ago in North Carolina. The pollen was so heavy that it created a haze and gives a yellow tint to the steel rails.


  1. I often battle melancholy as well. But I've never been to an opera or learned anything about semaphore.

  2. When I first read this, my muddled brain somehow thought it red "saxophone" insted of "semaphore". This made me feel melancholy...

    Ah, pollen! My nemesis!

  3. I wish I would have hung onto my old scout manual. Not only are they worth some bucks these days but it would be nice to relive some of my scouting days by re-reading it.

  4. I helped out with scouts when my boys were in them.. remember when the Yugo blew off the Mackinaw Bridge? We were there at the scout Jamboree camping in St.Ignace..

  5. Charles, an opera might be a good being for one of your horror genre pieces!

    Kathryn, me playing a saxophone would make anyone melancholic (is that a word?)

    Ed, I wish I had my dad's old scout handbook--I think it finally fell apart when my brother and I got a hold of it. Somewhere I have my book.

    Buffalo, I have only heard of the flying Yugo--I've only lived in this state a little over 6 years and don't think there were any Yugos left running when I came here.

  6. Years ago, I learned enough Morse code to pass the Ham Radio License test, then promptly forgot it.

    Other than S.O.S., of course.


  7. Ah Sage... I'm one of the meloncollies too...

    I'd love to hear about the Festival of Writing and Faith.

    Take care.

  8. I have those episodes of melancholy. Not so much in the summertime, though. I think I'm solar-powered.

  9. Randall, that was why I learned code too.

    Leni, I'll have something up in a day or two about the festival--there were lots of good writers there.

    Jen, if you're solar powered, stay away from this part of the Midwest, where it is more cloudy than not (a big change from the west where I took for granted 300+ clear days a year).

  10. Sage,

    I bow to anyone that could sit through an OPERA, let alone a season! You had to summon all of your Power Ranger skill to do that!

    I appreciate you playing along..and don't forget--this comes with the You are a Star Award!!!! You don't have to copy and paste in in though---but you sure earned it! Just grab it from the post or sidebar!! You earned it Dude! High Five!

    Opera = melancoly... I taught Lassie to fetch me Watermelons... She was my Melon Collie Baby!!!!

    Ohhh- I just had to get that in-- and after 2nd place to boot! THAT was for the Lesser Carolina barb!!!!

    Have a great Weekend Bro-- I'll post some pics of the Georgia Fish Follies when I get back. You dun me proud my friend!

    Please share about the Festival and Writing & Faith seminar--SERIOUSLY!!!

    You are an awesome Sport!



  11. I could do a ballet without an opera, no problem. somehow the operatic voice and the music offends my ear but the dance pleases my eye.

  12. This is a great list and I enjoyed each entry along with your humor. On another note, thanks for your kind message over at my site.

  13. That's pretty neat, I enjoyed your list. Great idea for the opera... you were quite imaginative in your youth! I look forward to reading of your conference, it sounds fascinating.

  14. Good to learn more about you, Sage. I like a man who is willing to admit he likes ballet and opera!!

  15. Periodic melancholy is an indication of a depth of emotion. Does that make sense? I battle it too, on occasion.

    I loved all of the other tidbits about you. Not sure I would have splurged on opera tickets for anyone! :)

  16. John, I haven't kept up with the reward pictures over the years... I just enjoy the writing. I like "Mellon Collie" That's pretty good for someone from SC! :)

    Walking Man, I see that not many here are fans of opera, but most are fans of women's legs!

    Michael, sorry about the loss of your friend.

    Beau, I am still working on the conference piece---I've not had much time as the last two days at work went from 8 AM to 6:30 with barely enough time for lunch

    Kenju, thanks!

    Stephanie, thanks, depth of emotion, that makes me feel better! I haven't done much opera in the past in the past decade or so.

  17. Ok OK, I deserved that--I erred in thinking you still NEEDED pics! A gross assumption on my part! Snark--:-)!!!!!!

  18. John, I hope my comment didn't sound too smug. Looking back, I think it probably was.

  19. I think #2 is the reason I sometimes find myself watching women's collegiate gymnastics. (Did I have to specify women there? I wasn't sure so I went the better-safe-than-sorry route.)

    I can relate on the pollen. It's so bad here, I went to the drive-thru car wash the other day, cars were coming out then just circling back around and getting right back in line.

  20. Sage,

    It wasn't taken that way honestly!!! No problems here man! It's all good!

    I also like the BBQ review above..I have some catching up to do after the trip--reunion was awesome--fish--Not so much LOL!!


  21. Does any man really like ballet but for the shapely legs? (And other body parts.)