Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Post of AT Photos

Blogging is taking a back seat to other things in life right now. For some reason, I don’t feel like writing. It may have to do with the pages of writing I’ve been doing for work. Randall had recently asked about more photos along the Appalachian Trail and I dug into boxes and have copied some slides from along the sections of the trail in which I’ve written about. These photos are mostly from Pennsylvania. You'll have to go back and read my posts of the past two months to learn more about the photos. Enjoy and I’ll have a more sustainable post soon. Along the trail, cold spring water is always a treat.
Watermellon spitting contest at the Presbyterian Church hostel in Delaware Water Gap. The guy in the center is Doug, the two other guys are brothers, but I don't remember there names.
The Presbyterian Church at Delaware Water Gap. The hostel is located in the basement.

Trees that have lost their leaves from the gypsy moths. (this was in Northern Virginia)

Slim Jim and Daddy Long Legs, resting on a day of hiking in the fog and rain.

The trail through the coal country in NW PA

An overlook. Notice how hazy it is due to the heat and humidity.
The Lehigh River

View of the valley, this may have been in Virginia.


  1. That part of Pennsylvania always reminds me of northwest Arkansas.

    I like the watermelon seed spitting action shot!

  2. Thanks for the pics, Sage. I also like the watermelon seed spitting photo -it's very funny-.

    The landscapes are just beautiful.

    Don't worry about the writing break. I know very well how hard it is sometimes to keep writing when your brain hurts, you're not inspired or simply tired. Your readerships -I include myself- will be patient and wait).

    Take care.

  3. Ed's right, makes me think of the Ozark Mountains. Great pics.

  4. Your photos are wonderful as always. Never apologize. Many people wish they could do this good a post

  5. Beautiful sites, Sage, and I love the nicknames of those guys, especially Daddy Long Legs! Reminds me of Spider, a guy from high school who was an amazing basketball player!

    Enjoy your time off. I'm a little uninspired myself, so I may join you soon.

  6. Thanks for sharing the pics. Beautiful places.

  7. This post made me feel a little better actually, as when I was posting last night I realized that five of my last seven posts have had photos in them, and a couple of them are "photo-heavy." SO thanks for doing the same :)

  8. That pic of the river is gorgeous.

    And yes, the seed spitting action shot is great. lol I'm currently analyzing the subtle differences in their techniques.

  9. Sage
    I am 'assuming' the cup on the rock was left there so that you could take the picture, or was it meant to highlight the spring?
    Thanks, enjoyed the pictures

  10. Leni and I are on the same page about your message here, Sage. Take some time and rejuvenate yourself. We'll be here. I love this Blog site. It has the effect of carrying the reader away to your many adventures--all of which are very rich and filled with living the good life. Enjoy, my friend! :)

  11. Ah..spitting seeds..I bet I could do well in that contest :)

  12. Seed-spitting is a little known Calvinist tradition -- one of the lost Highland games, I think.


  13. Not into writing? You're doing better than me. My brain feels a lot like the pic of your trail through the coal country in NW PA looks. Hazy. (It's my favorite though.)

  14. Sage
    I used to live right on the line of the Alleghany mountains and the Lehigh valley ... these pictures really bring back a lot of memories.

  15. I've been feeling similar thoughts recently. I don't ever want writing to be something I feel that I have to do... if it gets too close to that, I just take a few days off. :)