Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Day on the River

Trisket and I took off yesterday and drove up north a bit to the Muskegon River. I’d never paddled the river the before and we’d arranged a canoe livery to shuttle my truck and paddled from Croton Dam to the railroad bridge in Newaygo. The vegetation is changing and there is a hint of fall in the air. I love the ways the trees reflect in the calm water. The bushes and vines are all at full color and the brilliant greens have faded from the hardwoods. In another two weeks, this section of river should be beautiful with the trees being displaying the variety of color of an artist’s palette.
It was great to be alone with the dog. This is a self-portrait and I notice that I have my hat on backwards (the tighten string is in the front)
It was a beautiful day to paddle. The morning temperature was in the low 60s and it was only 70 when I got off the river at 4:45 PM. The cooler air made the trip pleasant as the river is broad and there was little shade. I didn’t have much luck fishing, but the first of the salmon are moving up river and you could see them in the water. Although there were a few fishing with fly rods and salmon eggs, I stuck to using a spinning rod as the wind was too much to try to fly fish in boat drifting downstream. I only had two strikes.
Arriving at the take-out point.


  1. Hmm. A man and his dog. And the river. Makes a great setting for poetry. Can I borrow it?

    I wrote a series of trucker poems (4 till date). I think you know that.

    BTW, backwards or not, you look good!


  2. I haven't done any float trips recently. I think I need to remedy that.

    What kind of salmon are in that river? I guess I thought salmon always needed salt water for living.

  3. Sage, you're very lucky to have near you all these amazing landscapes and enjoy the company of your dog in that background. As a creature of the concrete, I enjoy walks on my own too -though I'd have to drive a bit to paddle in a river-.

    I enjoyed reading your post, it's so relaxing and natural. ;)

  4. To paraphrase Gautami...backwards or not, I'm sure that hat still stinks. :-)

  5. Gautami, yes, you can borrow it! Trisket (the dog) would be proud to be in a poem!

    Ed, the salmon were introduced into the Great Lakes--and their runs up the river in the spring and fall are big events.

    Leni, I don't know anything about rivers in Spain, are they good rivers to float?

    Murf, Surely not! I washed it a couple years ago.

  6. Very nice. Looks like a great day out in the wild.

  7. It's beautiful. Love your pictures and account of your day

    I found a pond in a park near here when I first came. Went back the next day when it wasn't 100% in the shade and realized it wasn't for swimming

  8. I guess your presence made the bushes and vines smile in full colors:)

  9. Sage, Spain is a very dry country and except for 2 rivers (Ebro and Guadalquivir), the rest are not deep enough for big ships to sail.

    But they're good to go canooeing. Some people also do it at reservoirs -provided that there's not a draught year-. ;)

  10. Charles, it was a very nice day!

    Pia, did you swim that first day?

    Cyclops & Kenju, thanks.

    Leni, my "ship" isn't very large! Much of this river can be waded--there are holes that may be 3-4 meters deep, but much of it is less than a meter. I've only canoed in the US and Canada, but have wondered about other countries.

  11. I have a hat like that and never worry about the string nor the way it sits on my head ;-]

  12. Fall is the best time for floating in my view: Crisp, sunny weather and blessed solitude.

    Good times.


  13. What a gorgeous place to contemplate nature. And what a cute companion you have! Were you able to have a meal from your two strikes?

  14. Walking Guy, I'm sure Murf would like to know if your hat also stinks!

    Randall, yes, the fall is a great time to float and I hope to be back on the river a couple of times as the leaves change

    Edelweiss, no, I struck out, no fish. But as the saying goes, "it's always a good day fishing, the catchin' my not always be good..."

  15. Sage: This is the ultimate cool experience. I noticed the puppy was quite comfortable taking in the scenery like a very seasoned traveler! :D) Wonderful photos of the change of seasons.

  16. Awesome...Trisket is just the right size!

  17. Trisket's a pretty dog!!!

    I love that it took the self-portrait for you to realize that about the hat - ha!

  18. Sage...
    thanks for the beautiful pictures and the call back to nature; trisket looks good!