Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm back, again...

I’m back, again. Last week, my daughter and I flew down to North Carolina and spent a week with my parents. It’s always nice to be on the coast and we swam in the ocean and baked in the sun (when it wasn't raining) and spent a day offshore trolling for the big one. Six strikes in six hours is not very good, but the sea was beautiful and as someone reminded me, “A bad day fishing is better than a good day in the office.” I caught a dolphin (also known as a mahi mahi) as shown in the picture, along with an undersized king mackerel and a barracuda (both of which were released). As always, it’s emotional dealing with my mother’s illness. I felt blessed that twice during the week she called me by name, something I haven’t heard in a couple of years. But it’s also evident the Alzheimer’s is progressing and that she is able to do less than she was able to do in the winter.

As it always seems to be these days, flying was an adventure. But we did well! Last November, I’d flown down on frequent flier miles. Coming back, they’d changed my flight into Atlanta and it was going to be very late to get back home. So I willingly took a bump, pocketed the “Delta dollars,” slept well in a provided hotel room and flew home first thing in the morning. Thanks to that flight, I was able to purchase both of our tickets with only $40 out of pocket costs… So, when we got to the airport and they were again oversold, we took another bump for $600 a piece. We got to North Carolina a few hours later, but for $1200, I wasn’t complaining. As I told my daughter, she’s the only 11 year old I know making $130 an hour. Those frequent flier miles just keep on giving...

Hopefully I’ll be back writing soon. Going home always brings up memories. I also finished several books, so look for some book reviews.


  1. Hearing your name spoken by your mom must have been music to your ears. I'm happy for you, Sage. Too bad you didn't get to Raleigh.

    You sound like my kid - always getting bumped and taking the $$$. I would too!

    Mahi mahi is my favorite!!

  2. A bad day fishing is better than a good day in the office

    The same thing can be said for golfing, for me anyway.

    Seems like I've heard of several overbooked flights here lately. $130 an hour for an 11-year-old? At this rate, she could be AIG CEO material some day.

  3. Welcome home brother. All people age in their own way and some slip silently into a different place. It is more hurtful to them not able to be there in that place with the loved one, than it is for the loved one themselves.

    Stay the course and be well.

  4. Going home also freshens up that accent of yours. I feel a road trip coming on. :-)

  5. Glad you're back. I'm glad someone's had a good experience in that soul-sucking vortex known as "Hartsfield International Airport."

    Gosh, I hate Atlanta.


  6. Martin made me do the bump once in Memphis and never again. We were going to use them for Vegas but it was just a mess. You really can't go anywhere you want like they promise. Martin spent hours on the phone haggling. I guess if you take lots of smaller flights it is good but it wasn't worth it to me. You kind of get left over seating.

    I love your fish photo!

  7. One of these days I'm going to be in the right airport at the right time and make that kind of money. It hasn't happened yet.

    Looking forward to reading more on your blog. The silence has been eerie!

  8. Kenju, it was nice even though there is not much conversation there and I do miss talking with my mom.

    Bone, maybe in my retirement, I can manage her accounts in the Cayman Islands

    Walking Guy, thanks.

    Murf, "ya'll come down now, you hear?"

    Randall, actually, flying back I was afraid I would be stuck there overnight, but the flight to MI was also delayed... I checked it's status on my phone, found that it was two gates over (normally it's two concourses) and walked from one plane onto the next... Of course, we got home several hours later than expected.

    Deana, they now give you vouchers for so many dollars and its easier than the old way of getting a ticket for US travel...

    Ed, sorry for the silence... I tried to take a couple of sabbaticals from my blog during my travels this summer.

  9. Oh man, I'm not sure if I'm more jealous of all the money ya'll are making or the swimming on the beach.

  10. Sage
    It's good to have you back home. Your comment about the joy of hearing your name again, esp. from your mom, initiates many spiritual applications - thanks. I've volunteered to be bumped a couple of times to only find out at the last minute they didn't need to! Like the fish in the picture.

  11. Welcome back, Sage!

    It's so sweet that your mom called you by your name! Glad to hear that you enjoyed your trip with your daughter to your mom and dad's place.

    It's hard to catch up with the blogging after the summer holidays, but try to make the most of your vacation! I'm about to leave to the countryside too, after a wonderful ad exhausting tour around Europe!

    Take care!

  12. They offered that in July--coming and go. But I had appointments in both NY & here.

    Someday we'll meet down here. Wilmington is the culture paradise of North Myrtle, you know :)

    Glad your Mom called you by name though I'm so so sorry it's progressing so much

  13. TC, the water was wonderful!

    Eutychus, you're right about the name, it felt good to hear her call me. Also special was hearing my mom hum hymns in the evening--one night she did this for about an hour before bed.

    Leni, I can't wait to hear about your travels.

    Pia, I never even went downtown in Wilmington this trip, but I did spent time swiming and soaking rays on Wrightsville Beach and walking on the beach at night.

  14. I didn't know that mahi-mahi is also known as the dolphin fish. It's a large fish you got there, how's the taste?

    Btw, I can't believe that Delta is so kind to you! After reading this, I immediately shared your experience with a friend, and we both now think that we should fly Delta and make some money, lol :)

  15. That was a blessing. Moms are special, Sage and my thoughts and prayers are with your Mom for all good things!

  16. Sweet deal on the tickets!

    I am glad you were able to visit with your family and your Mom called you by name. It is so very special when those facing this condition have moments of clarity. I was able to visit with my 90+ year old great aunt a few weeks ago. Alzheimer's has robbed her of so much, but she seemed genuinely excited to see me and as if she realized who I was. By things she said, I truly believe she remembered me, at least for a few moments. It was very special.

  17. Beautiful fish! Great axiom too... went out with the boy this evening- loved seeing him smile while bringing in bass and bluegill. Welcome back by the way :)

  18. "A bad day fishing is better than a good day in the office."
    So very true! Sometimes, a bad day at anything (almost) feels better than a good day at office ;-)

    I understand what you must have felt when your Mother called you by name.

    My vacation to my parents' place is in the first week of September. Looking forward to it!

    Tanya sent me.

  19. The mystical part of every human being is mom. Despite the progressing Alzheimer, you name strung twice through her lips. Guess that's the power of love. God bless all.