Thursday, September 08, 2005

Sinus Hell

My sinuses have been killing me for the past few days. It’s time again to start sniffing stuff up my nose in what’s becoming a biannual attempt not to feel like my head is imploding and exploding at the same time. I miss the high desert. There, as long as I stayed away from the rabbitbrush in bloom, I faired well. Here, the spring sinus season seems to run about two months or so and the fall for another two or three months. Relief won’t come until the first good killing frost. To compound problems, we’ve had only .03 inches of rain in the past month. What happened to Katrina. It went east of us. What happened to all the thunderstorms the Great Lakes are known for? With things this dry, the air becomes more and more filled with crap that cause my sinuses to clog. I want to sleep, but when I wake up, my head is so stuffed I feel worse than when I went to bed.

I think I’ve discovered another level of hell unknown to Dante. In this isolated niche of the underworld lies a garden in perpetual bloom. Ragweed, rabbitbrush and lilacs line the eternal path around the inter-circle of hell. Lilies are abundant, especially at the indoor waystations dotting the pathway. (I think it’s noteworthy that Jesus said to consider the lilies of the field—I never said to dig 'em up and bring them inside where the full furry of their scent can be experienced to the maxium impact). Some may wonder what kind of hell has such beautiful flowers, but those of us condemned to walk through its gardens are tormented day and night… My road to perdition must have started when I made out with Cathy in the seventh grade, hiding under the lilacs around the back of the school.

With temperatures back in the high 80s, I wonder if Fall will ever arrive. Any suggestions or remedies for sinus problems?


  1. Hello, Michele sent me! My cure for *everything* is Campbell's chicken noodle soup with chili sauce added to it after it's done cooking. I don't know, I just don't like cooking the chili sauce. Anyway, this is the kind of chili sauce I'm talking about: it's at the bottom of this post Hope you feel better!

  2. Sinus problems are so annoying. When antihistamines aren't working sometimes I have to reach in a ways and move the cartiledge a bit with my fingers to break the "seal" for want of a better word. Then everything will drain for a while before the cycle starts again. Damn sinuses!