Sunday, August 19, 2012

Miss me yet?

Lake of the Clouds
Porcupine Mountains State Park, Michigan
I hate those bumper stickers with a smiling Georgie Boy asking that question...  Every time I see one, I get a desire to rear end the car or puke or both.  No, Georgie, I don't miss you or your wars or you lack of a basic grasp in economics.  I miss your dad, I even miss Bill, but not you!  But that's not why I am posting, except that I saw one of those bumper stickers today as I was driving across Michigan (this is a long state, especially when you come from the far ends of the Upper Peninsula).  I've not been around (so have you miss me yet?), having just returned from some backpacking in the Porcupine Mountains and a day hike along Picture Rocks just to break up the drive back.  More photos and stories to come, but here is a teaser...


  1. Now that's a tad unfair to W. I heard medical evidence of a brain was found in him by a qualified proctologist.

  2. Lovely photo. I hope you had a grand trip. Looking forward to reading about it more fully.

    Bill is a bit of a hero over this side. And we -and by we I include the rest of the World- always took the episode with Monica in good part. Even had a wry smile at his dissemination. If anything, we wonder why he simply didn't just do things properly.
    On W, we believed him a cypher for his daddies cronies, and blame them for his subsequent actions.
    George on the other hand we considered down right dangerous and believed that Poirot did the world a service with his 19% to keep him out. Remember Regan hadn't much between the ears either, a bit like W. So you'd have to say George was driving since the very start.

  3. Love what Geo said!!

    Yes, I missed you and I'm glad you are back. Let's hear about your trip.

  4. wow gorgeous pic...nope dont miss him either...try not to rear end too many cars...smiles...

  5. You know you are in the far reaches of Michigan when the quickest way home is via Wisconsin!

  6. When the first one of those "missed me yet" signs showed up, my mouth dropped open. It had to be kidding, I thought. alas, not so much.

  7. One of my dreams has been to take a week or two and drive completely around Lake Superior. If I do, I'll have to make sure I swing over for a visit.

  8. If any president, and none ever has, needs to make an apology tour it is that one. And his second should rightfully be in prison by now.

  9. Enjoyed your thoughts on Dubya, and hoping there'll be pictures of porcupines soon.

    Talk of bumper stickers made me think of those little window stickers people put on the back of their (most often) SUVs, with stick figures of each member of the family. I saw one the other day with a mom, dad, three kids, a dog, cat, and possibly a fish. I mean pretty soon they're gonna be having to go down the side of the car.

  10. I haven't missed him either. :-)


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  12. Yes! I've missed YOU! Not Georgie at all either. Thanks for stopping's always cool to read your usually leave me smiling or laughing, or even a couple of times, falling off my chair! Well almost! Post some pictures teasing just the real thing!